Monday, December 8, 2008

Fatman Scoop Talks Athletes and Guns

Hip-hop promoter and Man and Wife cohost Fatman Scoop was interviewed yesterday by the New York sports talk host Mike Francesa concerning New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress’ (above) recent self-inflicted gunshot wound and subsequent arrest. What resulted was roughly 10 minutes of radio gold, as Fatman educated Francesa’s audience of disgruntled Mets fan about gun culture and athletes.

Pretty much everything Scoop said was worthy of being a yearbook quote, but the highlights include “I don’t care if you caught a touchdown with 35 seconds left in the Super Bowl. If I want your chain, and that means I’m quote unquote gonna eat, I’m gonna take your chain.” The oft-troubled Burress, according to reports, accidentally shot himself in the leg at NY’s Latin Quarter club on Friday night and proceeded to cover it up in the most amusing way possible, telling hospital staff that his name was Harris Smith and that he was shot at an Applebee’s. Burress was arrested yesterday on several felony gun charges. Listen to the entirety of Scoop’s interview here, and as an early Christmas present, please give Fatman a sports radio show. Maybe he can fix the Knicks.

Snoop & Scoop - Man & Wife

Funny as hell!

The MegaMerger

As seen on - this is insane and will open some more doors for the industry. Hopefully it doesn't bring another generation of wanna-be mash-up DJs to the table, but only time will tell. In the meantime check this out...

Serato and Ableton announce creative partnership
DJs, remixers and producers on the forefront of technology, watch out. Serato and Ableton are happy to announce a partnership which will pave the way for the future of Digital DJing. With shared artist rosters from hip-hop (DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Nu-Mark, A-Trak) to electronica (Paul Van Dyk, DJ Sasha), both Ableton Live and Serato Scratch Live are renowned as the premier performance platforms in clubs around the globe. While Serato's Scratch Live excels in vinyl emulation, music library control and lightning quick hands-on scratching, Ableton Live provides the tools for production, on-the-fly remixing and beat creation.

"Ableton and Serato take different approaches to modern musical performance," says Ableton CEO Gerhard Behles, "But both companies live by the philosophy that software should be straightforward, easy to use, and most importantly, reliable and stable onstage and in the studio. Ableton has never had an answer for the DJ who wants vinyl control, and rather than try to emulate what Serato do so well, we simply make sure that our products work well together."

Serato Audio Research CEO Steve West agrees. "After years of talking together, we're thrilled to be working with Ableton. It's exciting to think about what we can offer to DJs and producers: the ability to go beyond just spinning records and add a personal stamp to the music they play."

Just where this Serato and Ableton collaboration will take us has yet to be seen but one thing is clear: the worlds of DJing, remixing and production for artists worldwide have changes ahead.

Welcome to AV8's Blog

From the home of Fatman Scoop, AV8 now launches their extensive blog with features on music, fashion, the latest AV8 release news, art and more. For over a decade, AV8 Records has been dedicated to providing the working DJ with high quality mash-ups and original remixes. Now in 2008, not only do we STILL service the DJ industry, but also the average music consumer who is looking to expand their music collection with top quality remixes from DJ’s such as LBR, The Disco Fries, DJ Enix, Damon Paul and the rest of the AV8 mix roster.

With all of our recent additions to the site, AV8 is expanding and creating new collections such as our most recent Dance category. Known for the hip-hop vinyl break records from the Crooklyn Clan and many others, we wanted to bring you something that hits yet another demographic at the club. This category features electro, trance, techno, tribal, house and dance tracks which pound the floor and some of them even feature exclusive vocals from Scoop.

Speaking of our outgoing spokesman Mr. Scoop, you NEEEEEED to go check out Man & Wife on MTV. Its that old school, grimey, good ol’ comedy you’ve missed your whole life. Every night at 12am on MTV!!!

Now check out and enjoy, we have much more in store for you!